Adding to Your Cookies

I’m sure you get my drift about adding little extras to your stuff.  Sometimes it’s just the one little thing that takes it to the next level.  My division at work does service projects thoughout the year.  I live in Oregon (transplant from New Orleans) and we have tons of parks and green areas here.  We had a day event cleaning one of these parks, repairing trails, weed control.  I wanted to bake some chocolate chip cookies to bring for snacks when people needed to take a little break.

Doing things like this take a little more time but it’s just such a nice presentation and the chocolate really adds more flavor to your simple cookie.  Since we were working in the woods I decided to take milk chocolate and green chocolate and make a little tree on each cookie.  I melted my chocolates in a Ziplock bag for 1 minute, kneaded the bag and microwaved for another 15-30 seconds kneading more till there were no solid pieces.  I cut a small tip from one of the corners and (using the milk chocolate) made the trunk of the tree on all of the cookies.  Then melted the green chocolate and cutting the tip from a corner of that bag I added the leaves.  Using chocolate makes it easier to stack the cookies without damaging your art work.

If you don’t want to make a certain design just get your melted chocolates in whatever color you want and go back and forth over your cookie and sprinkle with sugar crystals.  It’s such a simple thing to do but really makes a difference!

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