Nutter Butter Valentines

This was something I kinda threw together for Valentine’s Day one year.  Nothing too fancy but was I wanred something cute to give out to my friends.

I just took some Nutter Butters and melted some red chocolate and some white chocolate that had sprinkles in it.  I dipped my cookies then took some of the extra chocolates and put into Ziplock bags.  When my cookies were set I snipped a corner from the bags and squeezed some heart shapes onto the cookies.  Very fast and very easy!!

I use the long candy bags you would use for pretzel rods and slipped one of each colored cookie in the bag.  Tied the end up with a ribbon and cut off the excess wrap that was too long and they were done. 

These were nice to put on my co-workers desks.  I kept some at the house for drop-ins since we seem to get a lot of that when people know I’ve been baking and creating.  We have great friends and neighbors and I love it when they seem so happy with my goodies.

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