Nutter Butter Reindeer

This is a fun thing to do with the wonderful Nutter Butter Cookie.  I think I first made this about 15 years ago.  I’ve added to it and changed it a few times but still a fun cookie to make.

There’s 2 way to make these…with or without the Nilla Wafer part of the nose.  Both ways are cute, just have to add that Nilla Wafer step if going that route. What you need is:

  • Nutter Butter cookies
  • Mini Nilla Wafers (be SURE to get the mini’s)
  • Small twisted Pretzels
  • Candied eyes
  • Snowflake or other candied decoration (optional)
  • Red M&M’s (Regular, Peanut or Almond depending on the size of the nose you want)
  • Milk chocolate melts
  • Yellow and white chocolate melts

Begin by melting the chocolates you will need to dip your pretzels and Nilla Wafers.  I like the “antlers” and the “muzzle” to be the same color and lighter than the rest of the face.  I take milk chocolate melts, some yellow and some white melts and mix together.  The color is up to you.

Heat for 1 minute in the microwave, stir, and heat another 30 seconds.  Keep stirring till there are no solid pieces.  You may need to heat another 15-30 seconds to get all the chocolate to melt.  If your chocolate is melted but still thick, add a teaspoon or two of vegetable oil into your melted chocolate and stir to completely mix together.

Using a fork, dip each pretzel into the chocolate, tap the fork to the side of the bowl to remove the excess chocolate and place on wax paper.  Repeat with the rest of your pretzels and leave to the side to set.  Remember you’ll need 2 pretzel’s per Nutter Butter. If you don’t like dipping pretzels (honestly, who really does?!?) you can buy chocolate dipped pretzels in a bag and use those.  I’ve done that before.  The only downside to that is you can’t control the color and they sometimes look scratched up bumping around inside the bag.  But, it’s still another option, especially of you aren’t going to add the Nilla Wafer with the M&M.

Now, if you want to add the Nilla Wafer muzzle you’ll need to dip them into the same chocolate but add the M&M nose.  I like using the peanut or almond M&M’s to give them a big round “nose”, but a plain M&M looks just as cute.  Just be sure to put the “M” on the bottom to hide it.  And chocolate sets fast so you will need to put on the nose right away. Let those set.

Now take your Nutter Butters and dust them off a little to make sure the crumbs don’t get into your chocolate.  Take your milk chocolate melts and heat in the microwave for 1 minute, stir, then heat another 30 seconds.  Stir to make sure there are no solid pieces. Dip your Nutter Butter into the melted milk chocolate, tap the fork to the side of the bowl to remove excess chocolate and place on wax paper.  Immediately add the candied eyes and nose.   If you just want to skip the Nilla Wafer nose, just add the M&M for the nose. Still comes out just as cute. Take 2 chocolate covered pretzels that have set, dip the rounded bottom of them just a little bit into the melted chocolate and press against the top of the Nutter Butter.  Add snowflake or other decoration if you want.  You’ll need to do all these steps with each cookie then move on to the next so the chocolate doesn’t harden. When these have completely set you can take a paring knife and shave off any rough edges of chocolate.  And you’re done.  Here’s a reindeer without the Nilla Wafer, just the M&M.  Saves that extra step and still really cute.  Just up to you!