Nutter Butter Monster Feet

I saw these around that were green and kind of plain.  I already have my Frankenfaces that are the same color green so I needed to make these different.  Plus they didn’t look very scary so I wanted to add some matted fur to it.  Since I live in Oregon this can be my homage to the Sasquatch roaming the woods.  This is pretty simple to do.  With a lot of the chocolate dipping there are steps to do one thing then let dry before you move to the next. This is one you will need to do all at once so you will need to have everything ready to go before you get started.

You will need:

  • Nutter Butter Cookies (32 cookies in each package)
  • Milk Chocolate melts like Wilton’s Candy Melts (about 2 bags per package of cookies)
  • Shredded Coconut (about 1/4 a bag per package of cookies)
  • Brown Food coloring
  • Cashews (doesn’t matter is they are raw or roasted and salted – it’s a matter of taste.  3 cashews per cookie)
  • Wax paper, pint-sized ziplock bags, bowls and a fork

Start by coloring your coconut.  You can color with food color or by toasting or, in my case, both.  The best way to do this with food color is to take some coconut and put it in a ziplock bag. Squeeze in some brown food coloring, seal the bag then knead to mix all the color together. Another thing you can do for this step is to toast the coconut either in a large skillet or in the oven. This still gives it a nice brownish color and has that nice toasted flavor.  Just keep your eye on the coconut as you are browning it.  It will burn fast.

I did both coloring with food color and toasting in a skillet.  The food color was good but didn’t look creepy enough.  The toasted coconut was nice and crunchy but not as dark as I wanted to go without burning it.

So, I took the brown colored coconut and toasted it.  That gave me that crunchy texture and color I wanted.

Go ahead and get your cashews ready to go, too.  I separated the whole cashews into a plate so I could grab them without having to fumble around when I needed them. They can be whole or halves, just need 3 of them per cookie.

Now, take a bag of the chocolate melts and put them in a microwave safe bowl.  Heat on high for 1 minute.  Stir then heat for another 30 seconds.  Stir well to make sure there are no solid pieces.  In most cases that will be enough time to get the chocolate melted but you can add 15 seconds more and stir to get the chocolate completely smooth.  If the chocolate is still too thick, which happens sometimes, add about a tablespoon of vegetable oil to the melted chocolate and stir well to make sure the oil is completely blended with the chocolate.

Lay out a large section of wax paper.  Take one of the Nutter Butter cookies (I take a pastry brush and dust off the loose crumbs a little to keep the chocolate clean) and drop it into the bowl of melted chocolate. Make sure that the cookie is completely covered.  Then scoop it up with your fork and lightly tap on the side of the bowl to removed the excess chocolate and place on your wax paper.

Take 3 cashews and put the thicker part of the cashew on one end of the cookie and let the other end of the cashew touch the wax paper.  This will make the claws.

Then take a pinch of the brown coconut and sprinkle on the top of the cookie.  It’s OK if there is too much coconut.  When the cookie has set the excess coconut will fall off.

Began the same process with the next cookie until you have all your cookies done.

Once the chocolate has set on all your cookies, shake off the excess coconut and they are done.  If you want a little extra “gore” take some red chocolate melts and put in a ziplock bag. Microwave for 1 minute, knead the bag then microwave another 30 seconds. Knead the bag until there are no solid pieces.  Cut a tiny tip off one of the corners of the bag then squeeze some “blood” on the end of the claws and let set.

Now just enjoy!!