Nutter Butter Horse

I was bringing things to a “Country Luncheon” for a friends wedding shower and wanted to add something else.  While this is not a “cowgirl” theme I thought about making some horse heads out of Nutter Butter.  I lived in the country for a little while and there’s always horses around!

I did my schematic to get an idea of how this might come out and to make sure I have all the ingredients I’ll need.

I started by taking milk chocolates melts and adding a few white melts and yellow to change the color of my chocolates just a little.  I wanted to make sure it wasn’t too dark so you can see some of the details.  I put my chocolates in the microwave for 1 minute, stirred, then microwaved another 30 seconds.  I stirred till there were no solid pieces. Then dipped my Nutter Butter cookies and placed them on wax paper to set.  I saved some of my left over chocolate in a ziplock bag to use later for the eyes and ears.

When my  cookies were set I took my chocolate I had in my ziplock bag and remelted for about 30-40 seconds and cut a small tip out of one corner.  Always start with a tiny hole because chocolate is runny.  You can always cut off more if you didn’t cut enough.  I put 2 dots on my cookies a little higher than the middle then added my candies eyes.

I took some red chocolate and melted in a ziplock bag the same way and added a red strip across the bottom part for the nose band.  Then some melted white chocolate and added a dot on each side of the red strip.  I used silver edible dust and colored the white dots to look like metal.

Taking more chocolate I used to dip the cookies and the red chocolate I started working on the ears.  I put a good sized dot on wax paper then put a small dot of red right beside it. Then I took a toothpick and scored from the red dot pulling upwards.  I let those set.

Then I flipped those over and added more chocolate to the back of each one.  This makes them thicker and less fragile.  I let those set.

I took more melted chocolate and squeezed a good sized dot on the wax paper at the top of the cookie and carefully wedged the ears in place.  Let those set.  When they were set and I could pick them up I took a parring knife and trimmed off any extra chocolate around the ears to clean them up.

All that’s left is to melt some black chocolate in a ziplock bag and add the nostrils and the mane.

The finished horse heads were place in a candy bag and tied with a little raffia.

And ready to take to the party!



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