Nutter Butter Flip Flops

For a Luau Shower I was doing I wanted to make some Nutter Butter Flip Flops to go with the rest of my theme.  I like covering the whole cookie in chocolate to avoid them from getting stale or soft when they sit out.  It takes a few extra steps than just putting a strap on a cookie but it’ll taste fantastic, look cute as can be and you don’t have to worry if the cookie is going to be mushing when serving to your guests.

You’ll need some melting chocolates in what ever colors you want, a pack or 2 of Nutter Butter cookies and, if you want to add a little pearl, a container of the larger sized non-pareils.

Start by dusting off your Nutter Butter cookies with a soft basting brush or the corner of a paper towel.  This will help keep your chocolates clean.

In a microwave safe bowl melt a bag of chocolates for 1 minute, stir then microwave for another 15-30 seconds till your chocolate is melting and there are no solid pieces.  Some colored chocolates are a little thick so adding a tablespoon or 2 of vegetable oil in your melted chocolate will help make it a little less thick and easier to dip.  Be sure to stir to completely to mix the added oil with your chocolate.  Drop a cookie in your melted chocolate then, using a fork or spoon, cover with chocolate. Scoop your cookie from the chocolate and tap the fork on the edge of your bowl to remove any excess chocolates and bubbles then transfer to wax paper.  Do this with all your cookies changing to different color chocolates till you have covered all your cookies.

To make the straps, in an unsealed Ziplock bag, melt your chocolates in the microwave for 1 minute.  Take out the bag, seal it then knead the bag a little.  Return to the microwave for another 15-30 seconds.  Be careful taking the bag out of the microwave because the bag could be hot.  Your chocolate should never be really hot so you may want to knead more and microwave less.  Take your bag of melted chocolate (make sure your bag is sealed), flatten one of the corners and cut a small tip off the end.  Squeeze a test on your wax paper to make sure your hole isn’t too small or too big before applying to your chocolate dipped cookie.  Start squeezing out the shape to look like the straps.  Do this for all your cookies changing to other bags of melted chocolates to mix up your colors.  Let that set.  Then taking your bags of chocolate (you may have to reheat the bags another 15-30 seconds to remelt) add dots to make little flowers at the toe part of your straps and add a pearl.

Once your cookies have all set and can be handled put them in a airtight container or slip them in wrappers use for pretzel rods.  I cut off the access top of the wrappers and tied with a little raffia.