Nutter Butter Candle Cookies

One of my girlfriends is having a birthday and I wanted to do something fun for her. You can give just so many scented candles, body lotions and bath salts, you know.  So, I decided to make something for her.  She loves chocolate covered Nutter Butters so that’s where I wanted to start.  With a birthday you always think of candles.  And that is going to be what I will make…one candle cookie for each year.

I took my Nutter Butter cookies and brushed off the loose crumbs to keep my chocolate clean.  I kinda wanted them to look like they were each on a cake so I got the melting chocolate with the sugar sprinkles in them.

I put my chocolates in a microwave safe bowl and heated for 1 minute, stirred and heated for another 30 seconds and stirred until there were no solid pieces.  Then I dipped each cookie in the melted chocolate and placed on wax paper and let set.

Once my cookies were set I took more chocolates in different colors (to match the tissue paper I bought) and put each in ziplock bags.  I melted each bag for 1 minute, kneaded the bag, heated another 30 seconds then kneaded the bag until there were no solid pieces and cut a small tip from the corner of my bag.  Then just piped a line down the front of the cookies in the different colored chocolate allowing room for the wick and flame.  With each color, after piping the line, I sprinkled the coordinating colored sugar to add a little bling.  When the chocolate has set I took a small brush and removed the access sugars.

Once all my “candles” were piped onto my cookies I took some black chocolate and melted the same way.  Cutting a small tip from my corner I piped on the “wick” and let each cookie set.

Now I need the flame!  Since my cookie is dipped in a light colored chocolate I went with a yellow colored flame.  I piped the shape of a flame and lightly sprinkle some yellow sugar crystals and orange edible flakes before the chocolate set.  Now I have my candles.

Now to put everything together.  I took each cookie and place in a small bag (the kind you put chocolate covered pretzels in), cut off the access top half of the bag, dropped in my cookie and taped closed.  You can always tie a small ribbon around the top but I wanted to make sure the design of the cookies could be seen in the basket.

I found this little long basket and some “Happy Birthday” tissue paper with matching ribbons and a balloon on a stick.

I lined the basket with the paper allowing the paper to fold over the sides.  Then I placed my cookies in the basket.

All this was placed in a medium wrapping bag and tied with a bunch of my colored ribbons. And I stuck in a Happy Birthday balloon.

Of course, I had to make my own card.  Heather’s love is her beautiful baby, Belle, who is a boxer.  I took some pictures off her Facebook page and put them in the card.

And, NO, the dog wasn’t drinking a beer, but it was a funny picture and worked with my card.

To add a little dimension to the card I printed 2 extra copies of the front of the card on heavy card stock.  I cut one of the full pictures of Belle..

…and one of just her face.

I took sticky dots and place the full cut out of Belle on top of the one on the front of the card.  Then I took more sticky dots and put the face on top of that to make it like the 3D stickers you buy in stores.  All that was left was to make another card to stick on front of the envelope and add some puppy paw stickers and my card is ready!

Happy Birthday, Heather!!  I love you, Kitten!!  : )


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