Nutter Butter Bumble Bee and Flowers

This cute little guy came to me when I was making one of my Singing Angels.  I had attached the wings first and started to put the face of the Angel at the bottom of the cookie.  This made the wings look like that were going downwards instead of upwards.  Of course, as soon as I saw it I thought it looked more like a bee…soooo, you guessed it!!  I rooted through my chocolates and saw I had the colors I needed to make them.

What’s you’ll need:

  • Nutter Butter Cookies
  • Nilla Wafers
  • White melting chocolate
  • Yellow melting chocolate
  • Black melting chocolate
  • Sugar (for the wings)
  • Wax paper

Take a bag of the yellow melting chocolates and put in a microwave safe bowl and heat for 1 minute.  Stir and microwave for another 15-30 seconds.  Some chocolates, especially the ones that have color, melt a little thicker.  If you feel your chocolate is too thick you can always add a teaspoon or 2 of vegetable oil to your melted chocolate to make it more liquidity.   Dust off any loose crumbs from your Nutter Butter cookies.  This helps keep your chocolate clean.  Using a fork dip your cookie into the yellow chocolate, tap the side of the bowl with the fork to remove any excess chocolate.  Place onto the wax paper and continue to do this with the rest of your cookies.  Let the chocolate set..

Melt your black chocolate in a unsealed Ziplock bag for 1 minute.  Take out and seal the bag, knead then back in the microwave for another 15-30 seconds.  Continue to knead until there are no solid pieces.  Depending on your microwave you may need to add another 15 seconds to melt the chocolate.  The bag may be hot so let it sit for a few minutes till it’s comfortable enough to handle without burning your hands.  Your chocolate should never get too hot so next time you may want to knead more before heating up the bag again.  Snip off the tip from one of the corners.  Test on wax paper to make sure your hole is big enough but not too big the chocolate runs out of the bag.  You can always snip off more if necessary.  Start by making the 2 strips in thick black chocolate across the cookie then, holding by the 2 ends quickly tap the cookie on your work counter.  This will help spread the lines out and down the sides.  Then add the bottom of the cookie and pull to a point to make a little stinger.  Do not tap this time.  You want it to stay with the little point.

Now the wings. Take a Nilla Wafer and cut in half.  I find using a steak knife works the best.  Gently “saw” the wafer in half and dust off any loose crumbs to help keep your chocolate clean.

Now prepare your white chocolate in a bowl and melt like you did your yellow.  You probably won’t have to add any oil since white chocolate is usually not as thick.  Using a fork, dip the wafer into the chocolate, tap off any excess chocolate and put on your wax paper to set up.  Continue to do this so you will have enough wings for each bee.  Take any leftover melted white chocolate and put in a Ziplock bag. You’ll need this for later to glue on the wings and make the white part of the eyes.

When your wings are set, take your bag of white chocolate and remelt if necessary for 15-30 seconds, then knead and add 15 seconds more if you need to.  Knead to make sure there are no solids then snip off a tip of one corner.

Place your wings so there’s a left side and right side on the wax paper.  You’ll want to have your design matching when you put the wings onto the cookie.  Pipe some of the melted chocolate on the wafers.  You can do any design you want but I did these lines to look like the veins in a bees wings.  As soon as you make your design pour some regular table sugar over the wet chocolate and let set.  I like added the sugar because I liked the way it looks but you can use larger crystal sugar or no sugar at all.  Remember chocolate sets fast so you may want to do a few at a time then put on your sugar.  Repeat this with the rest of your wings and let the chocolate set.

Take your bag of white chocolate (remelt if it’s hardened) and pipe ovals to make the eyes. Continue to do that with the rest of your bees and let set. Get your bag of black chocolate and remelt for about 30 seconds pinching the hole while you knead the bag so you don’t have chocolate all over the place.  You may need to do this for another 15 seconds or so more until the chocolate is melted and there are no solid pieces.  Take your black chocolate and make some dots on the top part of the white chocolate.  I take the cookie and quickly tap the spread the black dots.

Place your bee body on wax paper and give each bee room to add the wings.  You won’t be able to move the bee after attaching the wings until they have set.  Squeeze some white chocolate in the curve area of the bee and push in your wings.  Do this with the rest of the cookies and let set.

Now your bees are ready.  I decided to make these bees and do a little goodie tray for my Mama and Daddy one year.  I had a large white oval platter and cut some wax paper to fit inside the platter.  I took some melted chocolate and “glued” the wax paper to the platter where I was going to put the flower to keep it from slipping. I took some Nutter Butters and dipped in yellow chocolate then melted a little milk chocolate and took one of my little brushes and painted some streaks on one end of each flower petal.  Taking a Nilla Wafer I dipped it in melted chocolate and, when that was set, added some yellow dots all over.  I arranged the “petals” and “glued” them onto the wax paper.  I used more melted chocolate to adhere the middle of the flower to the petals.  (I collect ladybugs so I put little ladybugs on some of my things).  Then I took melted green chocolate and stirred in some chopped pecans and arranged that on the wax paper to make the stem and grass.  I took 2 of my little bees and used more chocolate to glue them down.  This keeps everything from sliding arround but you can still eat everything.  I added another little ladybug in the grass, slipped the whole thing in a clear bag, added a matching bow and I was done.  It’s a fun way to give cookies and candy.

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