Rice Krispies Pizza

We always seem to have some kind of celebration going on.  I like doing cakes and cupcakes but wanted to make something kinda funny and different.  So, how about a pizza made out of Rice Krispies and candies…sure, why not!?!?  I know this has been done before but this is how I did it.  Not sure what the theme was for all this…kind of a picnic thingy, I guess.  It was my son’s birthday and my husband and my anniversary gathering so I wanted it to be just a fun get together…and picnics are fun!

I began by making my Rice Krispies treats according to the directions.  They say use 6 cups of Rice Krispies but I use about 7 or 8 cups.  I wanted more to make this crust and to have it more dense and firm.  Working fast I poured my mixture onto some parchment paper and began to make it the shape and size of a large pizza crust.  I had the pizza pan under the parchment paper to get the right size and made it easy to spin around while I was shaping it.  I made sure that the rice treats were pressed together firm so it wouldn’t fall apart when I started to cover it with chocolate.  I let that cool completely and firm up a bit.  At this point you can leave the “crust” as is without coating with chocolate.  It’s more work to cover with chocolate but I like the look, the taste and keeps it fresh.

Once I had my pizza crust made I took half a bag of yellow melting chocolates and half a bag of white melting chocolates and put those into a bowl and microwaved for 1 minute.  I stirred my chocolate and returned to the microwave for another 30 seconds then stirred to make sure there were no solid pieces. To get the color of baked pizza crust, I took about 7 milk chocolate melts and added those to my melted chocolate and I stirred till well blended. Since there is a raised edge on my pizza I took some wax paper and crumpled some on another large piece of parchment paper then flipped my crust over.  If I didn’t added that padding it would have curved down in the middle.  This kept it flat and I spooned out the chocolate onto the bottom and smoothed it out to completely coat it.  I stuck the whole pan in the fridge for about 10 minutes and let that set.  I wanted to make sure the rice treats would be completely covered when I was finished to keep it fresh and not stick to my pizza pan.

Once that had hardened I flipped it back over and added more chocolate to the top edges and down the sides and let that set.  I left the middle opened since I was going to be adding the “sauce” to that next.  That all went into the fridge for 10 minutes.  I took a paring knife and rounded the bottom edge of the pizza crust to clean it up a little.

Now the fun begins…decorating!!  First, I got all my “ingredients” ready so I could add these after I put on my “sauce”.  You can use most anything to make it look like pizza toppings but this is what I did:

  • Black olives – sliced black Red Vines (I trimmed off the little points that were there after slicing)
  • Chopped red pepper – chopped red Red Vines
  • Sliced green peppers – sliced green sour apple straws (sliced down the middle then cut into pieces)
  • Sliced tomatoes – sliced red raspberry fruit slices (I cut off the white rim.  I usually use candied orange slices-the red ones- but couldn’t find any)
  • Crated cheese – crated white chocolate (and some of the Curly-Qs from trimming around the pizza crust)

Now for the chunks of Italian Sausage or hamburger I had to make something for that to look like cooked ground meat.  I took about a handful of milk chocolate melts and melted it in the microwave 1 minute, stirred and microwaved another 30 seconds and stirred to remove any solid pieces.  Then I took some Coco Rice Krispies and crushed them into the melted chocolate and stirred till blended.  I used the back of my spoon and crushed and stirred to take out the whole pieces of Coco Krispies.  I poured all that onto some wax paper and smooth to about an inch thick and let set.

Once that was set I broke off pieces to small chucks.  Since the broken edges are sharp and straight, I took the tip of my knife and CAREFULLY chopped around the sides and the top to give it a chunk-o-meat look.  I put those to the side with the rest of my pizza “toppings”.

I needed to put on the “pizza sauce” to put this all together.  I took some red melting chocolate and melted the same way in the microwave.  I added some orange chocolates to give it a little better look of a tomato sauce.  Using a spoon, I put the chocolate in the middle of my pizza crust and smoothed it out to just to the edges. Then, working fast I started to add my toppings just like you would do when making a real pizza. I wanted to make sure the toppings would stick to the sauce as much as I could get on there before the chocolate hardened.

After I got all my toppings on and my chocolate was set I took a little brown edible dust and lightly brushed along the edge of my crust to give it a “baked crust” look.  I took my finished pizza off the parchment paper and placed it on my large sliver pizza pan so my pizza was ready to serve.  It’s freaky how real it looks when you look at it.  Just doesn’t show that in pictures.

Now to make the “Hamburger” cupcakes, Sugar Cookie French Fries and Sugar Cookie Corn Dogs.  Maybe this is more like going to the fair or circus rather than a picnic!  I made some Red Hot Popcorn and some white chocolate popcorn and put them in the plastic popcorn containers so we’ll just call it a fair theme!  Either way, with all these goodies and all the other munchies, we had a great time!