Chocolate Portrait

I’ve seen things like this before so I thought I would make this for my Daddy for Father’s Day.

You start out with a picture.  It’s easier if you have it in black and white so you can follow the outline. I was thinking of doing one in colors and using different colored chocolates but thought I’d better stick to something a little more simple.  I found several pictures I thought about using and decided on a few.  I took the picture then removed the background and converted it to black and white.  This was done in PowerPoint using FORMAT> COLOR> BLACK & WHITE 50%, then CORRECTIONS>BRIGHTNESS & CONTRAST till I got what I was looking for.   If you have a perfect picture you can just make a copy in black & white.  You just need to get the basic outline.  Remember the image will be reversed in case you want it facing a certain way or have writing on it.

Once you get a good copy, tape the picture to a cookie sheet or something flat and firm. This way if you need to move it out of the way you don’t risk it breaking.  Then tape a piece of wax paper over the picture.  You can see I had several pictures.  I wasn’t sure which one to do at first.

Now, take some black melting chocolate or milk chocolate (or whatever darker color you want) and put it into a ziplock bag, microwave for 1 minute, knead bag and microwave another 15 seconds.  Add 15 more each time if the chocolate is still not melted.  The bag should never be too hot to handle.  Continue to knead the bag until there are no solid pieces.  Cut a tiny tip out of one corner and carefully begin to “draw” the chocolate on.  I cut a little too much off the tip so I didn’t have all the control I normally would have but it was still working.  Let that completely harden.

Next, melt some white melting chocolate (or whatever lighter chocolate) the same way and cut a tip from one corner.  Then fill in around your picture making sure to get into all the little areas.

Fill and cover completely with chocolate.  I let that set and added more chocolate to the back to make it stronger.

Once the chocolate is hard, carefully pull it from the wax paper.  This is when you can see for the first time what your chocolate portrait is going to look like…hummm…

Now, this is when you can stop or keep going.  I ALWAYS keep going!!  I wanted to make this more like a candy bar so I wanted to add some taste and texture to it.  I took some more of my white chocolate and melted it in a bowl.  Then I mixed in some chopped pecans and added it to the back and let that harden.  Again, this isn’t necessary, but something to think about.

I took a sharp knife and carefully carved out any rough edges and tried to make it more rectangle shaped.

I wanted to make kind of a frame so I melted some milk chocolate in a ziplock bag, cut out a small tip from one corner and made strips up and down the sides.  I was kind of going for twigs or wood.  But you can do fancy scroll work.  If this was for my mother I would have put flowers all around it in chocolate!  But this worked.  To make it look like it was held together with a tack, I took some of my leftover black chocolate and remelted it and added black dots in each corner.

After that harden I took some sliver edible dust and colored over the black dots to make them look more like metal.

I thought about just leaving it as is and maybe using a picture stand, but decided to make some wedges out of more white chocolate and glued them to the back with more chocolate to make it stand on its own.

And that was that!!  It was a fun thing to do and not really that hard.  I made it more hard by adding more to it.  But if you just stop after the dark and white chocolate, then you can add that to a top of a cake.  You can make it heart shaped and not have to carve out anything. Maybe mixed some black into red chocolate to get a darker red and a drop of black in the white to have a light grey color..  That would make a cool picture for Halloween.