Halloween – Zombie Potted Plant

OK, so this is kind of a strange thing but it really comes from a good place.  My son and his friends always get a kick out of the Zombies.  I was looking through some sites for Halloween decorations and saw this pot with a plastic skeleton hand coming out of the dirt.  Well, I just had to recreate this to be something edible to give to my son as part of his Halloween.

I started by making the hand first.  This was because if I wasn’t successful making the hand I didn’t waste a lot of chocolate on the pot.  I have a candy mold with bony fingers but they came out too big for size pot I was going to use.  So, I put some white melting chocolates in a Ziplock bag and microwaved for 1 minute, kneaded the bag and microwaved for another 30 seconds then kneaded until their were no solid pieces.  Then I snipped off the tip of one of the corners and piped some “bones” on wax paper.  Once those were set I flipped them over and piped some more white chocolate onto each piece to make the bones more round and not flat on one side.  After my bones were set I remelted my chocolate and “glued” the bones together to get that creepy-bent-finger shape.  And when those were set I used more white chocolate to glue them onto the “wrist”.  Now I have my bony hand.

To make the edible bowl I started with a plastic bowl.  I wanted to fill the bowl with a few yummy flavors but wanted to make sure the outside of the bowl was all the same color.  I took some milk chocolate and melted them in a bowl for one minute, stirred and microwaved for another 30 seconds.  I spooned some of the melted milk chocolate into my bowl and rolled it around the bowl to coat the inside and let set.  I repeated that again to make sure I had a nice thickness of the chocolate then let that set.  To fill some of the bowl I toasted some coconut and mixed with melted white chocolate and poured into my bowl. The coconut taste fine without toasting but I like the flavor of toasted coconut.  I just pour some coconut into a pan and stirred constantly over medium heat until it got a dark golden brown. Then I toasted some hazelnuts and sliced almonds the same way and mixed with some melted milk chocolate and poured that into my bowl on top of my white chocolate/coconut and placed in the freezer to make sure everything set and to make it easier to get my chocolate out of the plastic bowl.   After my bowl set I turned it upside down and popped my chocolate out.  I took a paring knife and trimmed off the rough edges round the top.

To help hide the top edge of my chocolate bowl and to make it look more like a planting pot, I took some Tootsie Rolls and rolled them out between some wax paper about an inch wide and lined the top of my bowl. Since I had a lot of extra Tootsie Rolls I decided to keep going making some “chains” and added that to the top of my bowl. To make sure my skeleton hand stayed in place I used my paring knife and cut out some of the chocolate in the middle, used a little more melted chocolate, and glued my hand into the center of the pot.  I found a fun plate to use to put my pot on so I squeezed some of my melted chocolate onto the plate and placed my pot on top.  This helps keep the pot from sliding around the plate but still edible.

For the finishing touches I took some Oreo cookies and scraped most of the white cream filling off then crushed the cookie part in a Ziplock bag.  I sprinkled the crushed cookies around my hand (and onto the hand a little) to look like the hand was growing out of the dirt.  To give the pot a “weathered” look I took some silver edible dust and used a brush to paint streaks around the outside of the pot and chain.  And, of course, all potted plants come with a tag that says what kind of plant it is and instructions how to care for your plant.  I Googled “zombie” and found a great picture and made up a silly scientific name (Fleshous eatamus) for the “plant” and care instructions (Keep Moist/ 0 Positive), printed on card stock and added it to my ZOMBIE plant.

Now my ZOMBIE Plant is done!!  I placed the plant  in a plastic bag and tied with some great Halloween ribbon and raffia.  But I need to do something MORE…because I just can’t STOP!!!  I have a rat candy mold (doesn’t everyone!) I wanted to make something great out of this thing.  I needed something that tasted great but still gross, yes GROSS.  It is Halloween and that’s just the way it has to be!!  I wanted to make it so when my son took a bite out of this rat it would have that bone-crunching feeling.   I started by filling in the tail of the rat mold in a beige color (a few pieces of milk chocolate, white chocolate and yellow chocolate) and the eyes with red chocolate first.  I took a little of the beige chocolate and red and mixed together in another Ziplock bag to use for the inside of the ears and let that all set. Then I took some melted milk chocolate and poured some into the mold and rolled it around to coat, tapping lightly to make sure there are no bubbles and to fill in all the groves.  To make the crunching bones I took little pretzels and put some into the rat mold.  Not gross enough…I need some blood!! I put some marshmallow fluff in a Ziplock bag and microwaved for about 5 seconds, kneaded the bag and did it another 5 seconds.  I added some red food color and kneaded the bag to mix.  I snipped off one corner of my bag and piped my “blood” around my pretzel bones then filled the rest of the mold with melted milk chocolate.  I think this little rat looks pretty good…wish I could be there when my son took that first bite…mahahhhaa!!


While I was looking through pictures when I Googled zombies I found some other pictures I used to make a card for my son because I always have to make my own cards.  There are a ton of Halloween stickers out there so I found some fun ones to add to my card to make it a little more fun.  Happy Halloween, Brandon!!!  HeeHee!!


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