Halloween – Witches Hats

I kept seeing all the fun witches hats as table decorations and such and thought it would be fun to make a candy to look like that.  I started with a pecan truffle as my base but couldn’t get it to be firm enough to keep the shape I needed.  I went with an old stand-by of peanut butter fudge adding a little extra powdered sugar to make sure it was firm enough. Crushed Oreo cookies and cream cheese makes a good foundation, too.  The main thing is to make sure it’s something that can hold the shape you need.  I decided to make these purple and orange since that’s a common look for witches hats and puts a little color with the other black and orange goodies I have around at Halloween.

So, I made my peanut butter fudge and, when cool enough to handle, I made into balls then shaped into cones.  I made these different sizes but will make these in the smaller sizes from now on.  The larger hats were harder to dip and I had a few tops break off when I was dipping the bands.  I didn’t try to make these perfectly cone-shaped.  I wanted my hats to be slightly bent and crooked.

Once all my hats were made I began to melt my chocolate.  I took a bag of purple melting chocolates and microwaved for 1 minute, stirred, and microwaved for another 30 seconds.  I stirred to make sure there were no solid pieces.  Since colored chocolates are a little thicker; I added about a tablespoon of vegetable oil to my melted chocolate and mixed well.  I dipped each cone in my purple melted chocolate then place on wax paper and let set completely. I took my remaining purple and spooned it into a Ziplock bag to use for later to make the brim of the hat.

Then melting orange chocolate the same way I dipped the bottom of each cone and set on wax paper.  I had some tiny black and orange non-pareils, and orange jimmies with candied bats and orange sugar decorating sprinkles.  I used some of those on some of the cones to change things up a bit.  Just make sure you add the sprinkles right after you dip the bottom of the cone in the orange chocolate since chocolate can set fast especially if it’s cold in your kitchen.  I let those set up completely.

I got caught up in a football game on TV and forgot to take pictures of the last step.  I took my bag of purple chocolate I had set aside and microwaved for about 30 seconds to remelt then kneaded the bag to make sure there were no solid pieces.  I cut the tip of one of the corners of my sealed Ziplock bag and squeezed circles on my wax paper a bit larger than the size of my cones. Then I just gently placed the cones in the purple circles and let set.  I wanted to add something more to the hats so I put some black melting chocolates in a Ziplock bag and microwaved for 1 minute, kneaded the bag and microwaved for another 30 seconds and kneaded the bag again to make sure all the pieces were melted.  I cut a small tip off one corner and made some bats using a toothpick to make the points of the wing and the ears. Once they had set I used more black melted chocolate to glue the bats to the hat. 

So, the hats were fun and I ended up with some delicious pecan truffles; some dipped in white chocolate and some rolled in pecans and sugar.  I just wish I could remember what all I put into the truffles when I was mixing stuff together…they sure came out great!!


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