Halloween – Nutter Butter FrankenFace and Monster Toes

I really enjoy finding something to do with a Nutter Butter Cookie.  It seems to be a favorite with my group so finding a fun way to make them is half the fun.

I thought making a Frankenstein Face would be cute for Halloween.  Black and neon green melting chocolates usually aren’t around all year but will start popping up after Labor Day.  Get extras so you can add fun colors to your Christmas creations, too!

What you’ll need:

  • Bright green melting chocolates
  • Black melting chocolates
  • Pack of Nutter Butter Cookies
  • Candy “eyes”
  • Candy “bugs”
  • Wax paper
  • Ziplock bags

I always start out by dusting off my cookies.  This will keep your chocolate clean.  I have a little paint brush I use just for this.  This rest is pretty easy…


Melt your green chocolates in a microwave safe bowl for one minute.  Stir and microwave another 15 – 30 seconds until the chocolate is melted.  Some types of chocolates, especially if it’s colored, aren’t as liquidity and may need a teaspoon or 2 of vegetable oil to make dipping easier.  You would add the oil after the chocolate is melted and mix well.

Dip your Nutter Butter cookies into the green chocolate with a fork, tap the side of the bowl to remove excess chocolate and place on wax paper.  Continue to do this until you have dipped all the cookies you plan to make.  Let the chocolate harden before you start the next step.

Take a little of the green melted chocolate and place in a Ziplock bag.  Cut the tip off the end of one corner.  The size of the “snip” determines how much chocolate will come out.  I recommend cutting a smaller hole and see if you need to cut more. You want to keep control of the amount of chocolate coming out.  I usually test this on my wax paper before starting on my cookie.


Squeeze 2 small dots of green chocolate towards the upper-middle of the cookie.  Lightly push the candy “eyes” into the green chocolate dots.  Continue to do this with each cookie.  You can also push the eyes in before the chocolate has set after you first dip the cookies but I like the way the eyes look slightly raised.  If you do not have the candied eyes you can squeeze a few dots of white chocolate and top those off with black chocolate to make the eyes.

Take some of your black melting chocolates and put in a unsealed Ziplock bag.  Put in the microwave for 1 minute.  Zip seal the bag and knead to blend the chocolate and make sure there are no solid pieces.  You’ll probably need to put the bag back in the microwave for another 15 – 30 seconds till it’s completely melted.  Be careful, it can be hot.  If so, let it sit a few minutes till it’s comfortable enough to handle.  Your chocolate should never be really hot so you may want to knead more and microwave less.  Make sure the bag is sealed and snip off one of the corners of the bag.  You can use this to pipe on your hair, mouth and scar.  Remember that chocolate hardens fast especially if your kitchen is cooler.  If you are going to add the green candied “bug” to his hair you will want to do that before the hair hardens.  In between use if your bags of chocolates harden just pop back in the microwave for 15-30 seconds, pinch close the corner you snipped and knead the bag.

Now, take the green chocolate bag you used to apply the eyes and squeeze a little blob on both sides of the cookie and push in a black “bug” on each side to make the bolts.  If you are not using the candied bugs then you can use your black chocolate and squeeze some on each side to make the bolts or just leave that out.  Make sure your cookies have completely hardened before stacking or wrapping!!

As you can see these guys look cute placed around some of the other cookies.  The Monster toes are very easy to make.  I found those on a website a few years ago.  You just take your green chocolate and melt in a bowl in the microwave.  I added about 10 black melting chocolates to my green to change the color a little darker.  The toenails are black gumdrops cut in half.  These cookies are pretty much a one step process.  After you dip your Nutter Butter cookies in your melted chocolate place on your wax paper.  Then take your fork and tap once sideways on your cookie to make the lines of the toes then press one of the gum drop halves into the cookie for the toenail and DONE!




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