Halloween – Chocolate Covered Graham Coffins

I was looking at some outdoor Halloween decoration ideas and saw how to make a life-sized coffin out of wood and have a plastic skeleton arm coming out of a hole.  I copied the picture to save as a possible idea to make.  As I looked at it I thought about how fun that would be if I made that coffin edible…not life-sized of course, but as a crazy Halloween cookie.  The week before I was eating some chocolate covered graham crackers and thought that would be a great base and something that would taste good, too!

Here’s what I did…

I began with some graham crackers, some whole and some broke in quarters.  I used a steak knife to gently saw off the corners to get the shape of an old world coffin.  The larger coffins give the ability to add more details to the design but I wanted to try making the smaller ones when I need to make 3 or 4 dozen for the office.

Once I had my crackers cut and dusted off any loose crumbs I began melting my chocolate.  I melted a bag of milk chocolate in a wide microwave safe bowl for one minute, stirred and microwaved another 30 second, stirring to make sure there were no solid pieces.

I started with my larger coffins placing them in my bowl of melted chocolate then using my fork to cover the top of the coffin.  I would usually lift my cracker with a fork and tap the side of my bowl but didn’t want to risk snapping my cracker in half.  I lifted the coffin out of the chocolate with a fork then used my little angled spatula to scrape off the excess chocolate from the top, bottom and sides then placed on wax paper.  I did this with the remaining large coffins.  When I started on the smaller coffins I just dipped with a fork, tapped the side of the bowl to remove the excess chocolate and place on wax paper.


While the chocolate was still soft I used a toothpick and ran a couple of lines from top to bottom to look like planks of wood.  They got a little wiggly because of the texture of the graham cracker.  I’ll use the bottom side of the cracker as the top next time even though the wiggly lines look pretty good since I wanted it to be “rough” looking.

Once the chocolate was completely set I took a toothpick and scored different shapes to look like wood grain.  Then took my little paint brush and dusted off the curly chocolate pieces from my scoring.  I wasn’t able to get as much details on the smaller coffins but still scored with a toothpick to look like wood.

Then I took the left over melted chocolate and spooned it into a Ziplock bag and reheated about 15 – 20 seconds to make sure there were no solid pieces.  I cut a small tip from one of the corners of my bag a piped 3 angled lines from side to side.  While the chocolate was still wet I took a butter knife and flatten the lines to look like little boards.  On the smaller coffins I just made the lines and left as they were.  Once they set I took my toothpick and scored wood grain on the “boards”.

Now, for the skeleton arms…

I took white melting chocolate and put it in a sealed Ziplock bag.  I melted it for one minute, took it out, seal and kneaded the bag then microwaved for another 30 seconds.  Be careful taking the bag out, it could be hot.  The bag should never be really hot so you may want to knead more and microwave less.  Then I cut off a small tip from one of the corners.  I squeezed a test on my wax paper to make sure the hole was the right size.  Then I started squeezing the skeleton arms on top of the coffin.  It was easier to get more details on the larger coffin to than the smaller ones but they still come out fun.  To put the nails in the coffin I took some black melting chocolate and microwaved the same way and dotted the ends of the boards.

At this point they are done and ready to give out to family, friends or trick or treaters…or enjoy yourself!

If you want more details on these you can add a spider web or a rat.  You could even add a ring and bracelet to the skeleton arm if you are doing a Halloween girls party.

I put a spider web on the corner of this one and it was kinda cute.  It was hard to get the spider on the web since it was so tiny but just another thought if you want to keep going with it.  And, no matter how it comes out, it taste really great!!