Christmas – Nutter Butter Snowmen

These snowmen were the ones that started it all for me with the Nutter Butter Cookies.  I was looking in a magazine about 15 years ago and they had 4 Nutter Butter Snowmen in the little flat box for $9.99 (plus S&H).  They were a little different than what I do now but pretty much the same thing.  I thought, “I can do that!!”  So, I clipped out the picture and went to the store and picked up my chocolates and cookies and begin my quest.  I was surprised how easy it was to do considering I had never done anything like this before.  The main thing is to be patient letting each stage harden before going to the next and to use your imagination.  Like real snowmen each are different and full of the personality of the creator!!

 What you’ll need:

  • Nutter Butter cookies
  • White melting chocolates
  • Black melting chocolates
  • Orange melting chocolates
  • Red melting chocolates
  • Small and large nonpareil pearls (optional)

Take a bag of the white melting chocolates and put in a microwave safe bowl and heat for 1 minute.  Stir and microwave for another 15-30 seconds.  Usually white chocolate has a good liquid consistency but you can always add a teaspoon or 2 of vegetable oil to your melted chocolate to make it more liquidity.  Be sure to mix completely.  Dust off any loose crumbs from your Nutter Butter cookies.  This helps keep your chocolate clean.  Using a fork dip your cookie into the white chocolate, tap the side of the bowl with the fork to remove any excess chocolate.  Place onto the wax paper and let the chocolate harden on the cookies.  If you are going to add the “snow” to your snowmen, take some of your melted white chocolate and put into a Ziplock bag to use for later.

Next take some of your black melting chocolates and put in a unsealed Ziplock bag.  Heat for 1 minute, seal the bag and knead.  You’ll probably need to put the bag back into the microwave for another 15-30 seconds.  Knead the bag some more making sure there are no solids.  Be careful since the bag can get hot.  If it’s too hot to handle then sit to the side for a few minutes until it’s comfortable enough to handle.  Remember your chocolate should never be really hot so you may need to knead more and microwave less.  Snip the tip off one of the corners of your bag.  Start by cutting the very tip and squeeze onto your wax paper to test.  You want to have enough control of the amount of chocolate coming out.  If your hole is too big then the chocolate will pour out of the bag too fast.  You can always cut a little more if it’s not enough.  Dot on the eyes and mouth.  If you do not want to add the “snow” at the bottom you can add 3 or 4 dots down the front to make “buttons”.  You can even take some red chocolate and pipe on a scarf or earmuffs.

Now prepare your orange chocolate the same way and snip off the corner of your bag.  Again, practice on your wax paper to make sure your hole is big enough but you still have control of the amount coming out.  Start under the eyes and squeeze the orange chocolate slowly going to the right (or left if you are left handed and it’s easier).  This will give it a little ripple to make the carrot.  when you made the length you want stop squeezing the bag a pull away in the same direction.   This will give the point to the carrot.

If you want to continue and add the holly to the top of the snowman, prepare your green melting chocolate as you did your black and orange.  To make the leaves, instead of cutting the tip off your bag, cut a small upward slit.  Practice on your wax paper.  Squeeze the bag slowly – his will cause the chocolate to ripple but also separate into sections to look like leaves.  You may have to rotate your bag in your hand to get the shape you want.  I have to do this every time till I like how the shape comes out.  Starting at the top of the snowman’s head squeeze your leaf then stop squeezing and pull away to give it a point.  Then back to the start of your first leaf and squeeze slowly again and pull away and again for the third leaf.  Let that set.

Prepare your red chocolate, snip off the corner and put 3 small dots of red chocolate at the center of the leaves.  I had some colored nonpareils and separated out the red.  While my leaves were still wet I took tweezers and patted in some of those red tiny balls.  This looks great but not practical when making a ton of these.  It’s faster to squeeze on the red dots but wanted to give you other options since I do use the nonpareils for certain gifts.

To add the “snow” put some of the small and large nonpareils into a small bowl or cup.  Take your white chocolate you saved earlier (which has probably hardened by now) and microwave for 30 seconds.   Knead the bag.  Put back into the microwave for another 15 seconds and knead.  You may have to do this another time to make sure there are no solids.  Once your chocolate is melted snip off one of the corners and squeeze the chocolate around the bottom of the snowman then, holding the cookie over your cup,  spoon your snow mix over the chocolate and return to your wax paper.  And now you are done!

This is another version I made with the buttons and adding holly to the top and bottom.  You can make your snowman to look anyway you want.  Each one seems to have their own personality so don’t fret if your little guy looks different.  In the end they all just taste great!!

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