Christmas – Nutter Butter Singing Angel

I really enjoy making these Angels.  They are not that hard with the chocolate part but there is a step to make the wings.  You can, of course, change the hair color and even add a person’s name (I did this once and it was really cute but…shocker…I didn’t take any pictures).  I made some with short hair and no eyelashes for some of the guys.  I like to use the milk chocolate for the hair because the milk chocolate melts better and comes out easier.  I like the dark contrast around the face, too.  If you are doing blonde hair, add one or 2 black chocolates (more if needed) to get less “yellow” hair.  Plus your halo will show up better if there is an little color difference.

What you’ll need:

  • Nutter Butter cookies
  • Nilla Wafers
  • White Melting chocolates
  • Black melting chocolates
  • Red melting chocolates
  • Yellow melting chocolates
  • Milk chocolate melting chocolates
  • Crystal sugar sprinkles (optional)
  • Yellow sugar sprinkles (optional)

Take a bag of the white melting chocolates and put in a microwave safe bowl and heat for 1 minute.  Stir and microwave for another 15-30 seconds.  Usually white chocolate has a good liquid consistency but you can always add a teaspoon of vegetable oil to your melted chocolate to make it more liquidity.  Dust off any loose crumbs from your Nutter Butter cookies.  This helps keep your chocolate clean.  Using a fork dip your cookie into the white chocolate, tap the side of the bowl with the fork to remove any excess chocolate.  Place onto the wax paper and continue to do the rest of your cookies.  Let the chocolate harden on the cookies.

Now, take some of your black chocolate and put in an unsealed Ziplock bag and mircowave for 1 minute.  Take out and knead the bag then microwave for another 15-30 seconds kneading to make sure there are no solid pieces.  Be careful that the bag isn’t too hot to handle.  If so set aside for a few minutes till it’s comfortable to handle.  Your chocolate should never get really hot.  You may want to knead more and microwave less. Snip the tip off one of the corners of your bag.  Start with a small cut and pipe onto your wax paper to see how much chocolate is coming out.  You can always cut a bit more if needed.  You want to have control of the amount coming out without it pouring out.  I like making the eyes closed with little lashes.  You can just put a couple of dots for the eyes if you’d rather.  Repeat this with the rest of your cookies

Prepare your red chocolate in a Ziplock bag and cut off the tip of one of the corners.  Make the mouth in a circle or oval to look like the mouth is kinda singing.  Continue to do this with the rest of your cookies.

Now the wings.  Take a Nilla Wafer and cut in half.  I find using a steak knife works the best.  Gently “saw” the wafer in half and dust off any loose crumbs to help keep your chocolate clean.  Take your white chocolate you used for dipping the cookies for the Angel bodies and remelt for about 30 seconds to a minute to make sure there are no solids.  You may need to add more melting chocolates to the bowl and melt some more.  You want to have enough chocolate to dip.  Dip the wafers into the chocolate, tap off any excess chocolate and put on your wax paper to set up.  Continue to do this so you will have enough wings for each Angel.  I have made a few extra just in case I needed them.  Take some of the melted white chocolate and put in a Ziplock bag. You’ll need this for later to glue on the wings. Let your chocolate set.

When your wings are set, take your bag of white chocolate, melt and snip off a tip of the corner.  Place your wings for left side and right side on the wax paper.  you’ll want to have your design matching when you put her wings onto the cookie.  Pipe some of the melted chocolate on the wafers.  You can do any design to look like the feathers.  Holding the wing over a cup of your crystal sugar spoon the sugar over the feathers you made with the white chocolate.  Remember chocolate sets fast so you may want to do a few at a time then put on your sugars.  Repeat this with the rest of your wings and let the chocolate set.

Take your Angel bodies arrange onto the wax paper allowing room for the wings.  Squeeze some white chocolate in the curves of the cookies and press the wings to the body.  You’ll have to do this in the place you want them to set up since you can’t move them once you add the wings.  After the chocolate has hardened you can move your Angel.

To apply the hair, melt milk chocolate melts in a Ziplock bag, knead to melt all the solids and snip off one of the corners.  Hold the bag about an inch away from the cookie and slowly squeeze while swirling your hand just a little to help make the curls.  This is a good way to cover where the wings were attached to the body.  Keep going around and around till you get the hair fixed the way your like it.  If you are doing short hair for the boy Angels you will have to be a little neater applying the wings since they don’t get covered by hair.  You can also make stripes instead of curls for the hair but the curls are really eaiser to do.  Continue doing this with the rest of your cookies and let set.

Only thing left is the halo.  Prepare a bag with yellow chocolate, melt and snip off one of the corners.  Make a oval shape at the head of the Angel then sprinkle with yellow sugar.  Don’t worry about the excess sugar.  Wait until the chocolate has set then use a small brush (I use a paint brush) or the corner of a paper towel to dust off the excess sugar.  You are now ready to put on a plate or wrap with clear warp and a ribbon and attach to a gift or a bottle of wine.  You can also lay these carefully in a jumbo Ziplock bag to keep fresh till you are ready to use them.  Just make sure when you handle these that the wings are just attached with chocolate and they can snap off.


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