Christmas – Rice Krispies Snowman


I like making funny gifts for the younger kids (and the big kids) for the holidays.  These were about 7 inches tall but you can make them smaller or larger. I added these to the top of a cake with wooden skewers.  This was an 8-inch round layer cake so you can see these snowmen are a good size.

And I wrapped a few as little gifts.

I made the Rice Krispie treats following the recipe on the box then poured the whole thing on some wax paper to cool just enough so I could handle it.  I made balls in three sizes (head, middle section, base) and lined them up on my wax paper.

I put my white melting chocolates (I used the bright white) in a microwave safe bowl and microwaved for 1 minute, stirred then microwaved another 15-30 seconds more and stirred to make sure there were no solid pieces.  If your chocolate is still a little thick, add a tablespoon or 2 of vegetable oil into the melted chocolate and stir to well combined.  Then, using a fork, dipped each ball in the chocolate and tape the side of the bowl to remove any excess chocolate, and placed on the wax paper to set.  That was really the hardest part of this.  The rest was putting them together and adding the fun touches.  Let these set completely.  You can put the wax paper on a cookie sheet then put the whole sheet into the fridge to help speed up the process.

Once these are hard and set take a sharp knife and trim off any extra chocolate.  Also, shave off a little of the bottom of the “head” and the top and bottom of the “middle” to make those areas flat and easier to stack.  Try to work fast because the chocolate will melt in your hands if you hold them too long.  Sometimes I hold them with a paper towel to keep them from melting while I’m trimming.

To make it easier I took each ball and added the decorations before I stacked them together.  I took a little black melting chocolate and microwaved in a  Ziplock bag for 1 minute,then kneaded the bag a little.  Then back in the microwave for another 15-30 seconds and kneaded the bag till there were no solid pieces.  I cut just a tiny tip off one of the corners of the bag and squeezed a test on wax paper to make sure the hole was big enough or if I needed to snip off a little more.  Make sure you line up your balls again to make sure you know which ball is for the head, the middle and the bottom.

Working on all the smallest balls first I made the eyes and mouth.  Then went on to the middle sized balls.  Some I would put 3 “buttons” on just the middle ball and sometimes I would put 2 buttons on the middle and 2 on the bottom.  I’ve done both and like both ways. Once decorated I put them on the wax paper lining up all the heads, then a line of the middle sections.  This helps when it’s time to assemble. Then taking orange melting chocolates in a Ziplock bag I microwaved the same as I did the black chocolate and cut off the corner.  Taking the heads I squeezed the carrots on the face and let those set.

Taking more white chocolate in a Ziplock bag and microwaved the same way I begin to stack.  I had some nonpareils pearls in small and large sizes and poured them together in a small bowl and set them to the side.  I squeezed a large circle of white chocolate on my wax paper slightly larger than the largest ball.  I used a baking pan so I could easily put these into the fridge to help set them faster.

I immediately took my largest balls (base) and pushed them into the white chocolate circles and sprinkle on the nonpareils (to look like snow).  You can used sugar crystals or nothing at all.  When this set you’ll have a good base to keep your snowman from falling over.  You can use a good bit of chocolate to make sure the base is solid and steady.  I put the this into the fridge for about 15 mins to make sure this is set.

Once the base had set I took more white chocolate, squeezed a little on the top of the base and topped it with the middle section and back in the fridge and let that set.

And did that again for the head.  The snowman was cute as it was at this point.

But I wanted to add a little more (duh) so I took some Fruit Roll-Ups and cut them to make little scarves and carefully wrapped them around the neck of the snowman.

And, if you want more, add a hat!!  I melted some black and red chocolate.  I put some of the black melted chocolate in a Ziplock bag and squeezed a circle on my wax paper.  I stuck a toothpick in some mini marshmallows and dip them into black melted chocolate and let that set.  Now taking my black marshmallow I dipped just a little of the bottom into the red chocolate and stuck it on top of the black chocolate disc I made earlier.  This makes the red “band” around the hat.  If you don’t want to go through all that, instead of taping off the excess chocolate from your dipped marshmallow keep as much chocolate on it as you can.  Put the dipped marshmallow on your wax paper and swirled it around a little to smear the chocolate then leave it in the middle of your swirl and let set.  This makes the hat with the brim.  The only problem I had with making the hats that way at times the “brim” comes out a little thin and gets fragile often breaking or chipping when handled.  Plus I like having the little red band around the hat.

When the hats were set I removed the toothpicks leaving a small hole at the top.  This can be hidden with a dot of black chocolate or, the way I like it, to add some holly on top of the hat.  I did this by melting a little green chocolate in a Ziplock bag but instead of cutting the tip off the bag I cut towards the bag just a little.  This makes a ruffle effect when squeezing out the chocolate.  I practiced a couple of times on wax paper to get the shape I like.  Squeeze firm and slow to allow the ruffles to form.  I put three leaves on top of the hat starting in the middle and squeezing outwards, then stop squeezing and pull away to make the tip of the leave.



I let those all set, melted some red chocolate in a bag, cut off the tip and made 3 red dots for the berries at the center of my holly leaves.  Now, I just had to squeeze a little white chocolate on the head of the snowman, put on the hat and get ready to wrap them up for gifts.  You can see this snowman peaking out of the cookie basket!


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