Easter Basket with Chocolate Truffle Eggs

I wanted to make something fun for Mama and Daddy for Easter and found this great basket made of branches, pussywillows and moss.  I decided to fill the basket with different candied eggs.  I have a metal muffin tin that’s has 6 5-inch egg sharpes I decided to use for my chocolate eggs.  I went through and found 5 different types of truffles recipes to use to fill the eggs.

I made the different truffles, put in the egg tins (I used a little Pam spray so they would release once they were set).  I had to freeze them so I could get the eggs to come out of the tin without sticking.  I tried to match the decorations to the flavor of the eggs. Easter last year fell around St. Patrick’s Day so I had to make one of the designs with a 4-leaf clover!!  I found that cute butterfly at the store and added it to the basket at the end.

You can make your eggs simple by just mixing your melted chocolates with pecans, walnuts, coconut or just solid chocolate.  I wanted to try some of the 100s of truffle recipes I have so this is a great way to do it.  I have to admit there are times when I didn’t really like the flavor of the truffle or it’s was too soft to hold the shape I needed.  But, there is always the next recipe!!


Another thing I like to do is create a card or tag to show what’s in the candy and tie it on the gift!!