Chocolate Bacon Bouquet

I’m sure you have someone in your office or in your family that loves bacon…I do!!  And as a birthday gift I make a Chocolate Bacon Bouquet for her!!

This is very simple…
•1 pack of thick-sliced bacon
•Pack of wooden skewers
•Various colored melting chocolates
•Decorative sprinkles
•Glass (or heavy plastic) jar
Preheat oven 400 degrees.
Cut your bacon in half.  Take a strip of bacon and weave it through one end of a wooden skewer.  Continue to do this with all the bacon.
Lay the bacon skewers on a broiler pan.  Try to keep the bacon from
touching so they don’t stick together when done.  Bake about 20-25
minutes or until crispy.  Lay on some paper towels and let cool
The rest is your imagination!!  Melt your chocolates in whatever colors
you want to use.  Dip the bacon into the chocolate and sprinkle with
decorative sprinkles, coconut, chopped nuts – just whatever!!  Lay on wax paper or stick them in a heavy tall glass or jar till the chocolate sets.
I used those long wrappers you use for pretzel rods to cover these and some
ribbon I curled a little.   Found that jar at the store and added M&M’s
to hold the skewers in place.  I did a lot of different, bright colors since this was for a birthday.  You could use red, white and blue chocolates for the 4th of July, Black and
Orange for Halloween…well, you get the point!!