Rise of the Guardians Elf Surprise

I wanted to make something for the kiddos I do every Christmas.  I saw a cute elf online with the candy arms and legs made out of felt and thought about making something like that.  While I was rooting through the internet for some cute elves to use as my base I came across the elves in the Rise of the Guardians.  Now, at this point I have not seen the movie and only know what the trailers on TV are showing.  It looks great and I’m guessing these little guys are good guys.  Either way they are too cute and gave me a platform to make my little candy gifts.  I did mine for Christmas but you can do these with regular Sixlets and make your own mesh bags with non-holiday candies for a birthday or something.

I started out with the basic things I was going to need for this:

  • Red card stock (8 1/2 x 11)
  • Red and black felt
  • Candy mesh bags
  • Sixlets candies
  • Egg ribbon
  • Stick glue
  • Jingle bells
  • Gold squeeze glitter

To start I got my candies I wanted to use for my elves so I would have an idea of the size cone I needed to make.  I then took my red card stock and rolled it into a cone till I got the shape I need then taped closed and trimmed the bottom to make it flat.  It is fine to add plenty of tape since the cone is going to be covered with felt.

Once my cones were ready I took a piece of paper and made a template to use to cut out my felt just a little bigger than the size of the cone.  This will allow me to glue the felt closed and tuck under the bottom.  I couldn’t find any felt the size I needed so I bought 2 jumbo Christmas stockings at the Dollar Store and was able to get 4 pieces from each stocking.  I did find a pack of colored felt in the Dollar Store that had black felt big enough for the belts but the sheets were too small to wrap around the cone.

Now I need to get the faces and ears on.  I Googled “Rise of the Guardians Elves” to get some pictures of their faces.  When I found what would work I copied them into PowerPoint to the size I needed and printed onto card stock.  Here are the templates:

I cut a hole in the felt where I wanted the face to go then glued the face cut-out face down onto the felt making sure the face fit into the hole.  I cut out the “ears” then cut a slit and folded both ways to give a little anchor to the felt.

While the glue was drying I started working on the bags of candy to go into the cone.  I found those little mesh bags of chocolate and Sixlets candy in Christmas colors.  I took some ribbon and tied the “legs” to the bottom of the mesh bags and another ribbon to the top of the bag.  This will be used later to thread through the top to attach to the Jingle Bell.

Now it’s time to wrap the felt around the cones.  I coated the cones with glue then covered with the felt being careful to keep the little tabs from the ears flat against the cone. Then I took a strip of black felt and glued it around the cone to make the belt.  I couldn’t find anything to stick on for a buckle so I used some liquid glitter to make the buckle.  If using liquid glitter be sure to prop  these flat to dry to keep the glitter from running.

Once everything is dry start adding the “arms”.  Using an X-Acto knife, very carefully punch slits in each side.  I used the other side of the knife to make to slits round.

Once your holes are made take your Sixlet candy and inset the first “ball” into your holes.

All that’s left to do is to thread the ribbon though the hole at the top pulling the bag of chocolate inside the cone.  Take a jingle bell and tie to the ribbon.  When the kids are ready to get to the bag of candy just pull the bell up and cut the ribbon…the candy will fall out!!  Surprise!!

One of the things I like most is getting pictures from people who get my goodies.  These came from a friend whose kids did the Elf on the Shelf with these guys…Love it!!