Chocolate Fruit Cornucopia

I thought this would be a cute thing to do for Thanksgiving.  I saw this online filled with M&Ms but wanted to “up” it a bit.  I always make a lot of cookies and pies but I like having little cute touches on the table.  It’ll be fun to grab a piece of chocolate as we’re all filling our plates with desserts.

I have a candy mold with different types of fruit.  I didn’t use the watermelon or the single banana but the rest were just right to fill the little cornucopias.  The pear was the largest shape and was about 2.5 – 3 inches.  I started with melting some milk chocolate and green chocolate in some coffee cups.  I use chocolate melts you get in bags at places like Michael’s. I microwaved about 20 chocolate pieces for 1 minute, stirred and microwaved another 20 seconds or so.  Then, taking a small paint brush filled in the “stem” sections of the mold.  Next, I took the green chocolate and painted in the leaves.

I added some milk chocolate “streaks” to the banana at this time so after I pour in the yellow chocolate it’ll have a better look like real bananas.

I popped my mold into the freezer for about 5 minutes to make sure the chocolate is set before adding the rest of the chocolates.  I like to mix my colors a little to give some contrast and make the fruit look more realistic.  I kept the strawberry and apple the red it came as.  For the cherries I added a piece of black chocolate to the red to darken it a bit. The pineapple and banana was the yellow chocolate from the bag.  For the pear I took some green chocolate and some yellow chocolate and melted those together to get a nice green color. I’ll dust on some colors once they are set to enhance them.  I put each color chocolate in a ziplock bag and microwaved them for 1 minute, kneaded the bag and microwaved another 20-30 seconds then kneaded the bag to make sure there were no solid pieces. Then, just cut off a tip from the bag and fill each section.  I tapped the mold on the counter after filling each section to fill in the grooves and remove any bubbles.

After I filled each section with chocolate, I popped the mold in the freezer for about 10 minutes.  Then turned the tray over and popped out the pieces onto wax paper.  I let these dry since there will be a little moisture while they are coming to room temperature.  I started the process over to make more since I was doing 4 cornucopias.

Once my chocolates were dry and moisture free I took the pineapples and dusted them with brown edible dust.  The first pineapple in the picture is without the dust.  You can see how the dusting makes it look more like a pineapple.  It’s fine without the dusting but if you have it, use it!  If you have coco powder you can dust with that!

I had some red edible dust so I dusted a little blush on the pears.  I dusted over the leaves a little, too, to bring out the veins.  The first pear is without the dust.  Again, it’s not necessary but if you have the dust it makes it just a little better.

Now I have all my chocolates finished and ready to go.

To make the cornucopias, take a waffle cone and dip almost half of the cone in some water.  I put mine in a high-ball glass.  I filled the inside of the cone with water, too, about 2 inches. Place the glass of water with the cone in the microwave and heat for 20 seconds. Remove the cone from the water and pour out the water from inside.  Put the cone on a plate and microwave for another 20 seconds.  Remove from the microwave and carefully wrap the tip of the cone around a pencil or roll with your fingers.  It is hot so be careful not to get burned.  When I did my 4 cones I placed them on some wax paper to dry out overnight.  The next day they were still a little damp so I put them in the microwave for about 15 seconds.  Don’t do more than that at a time because the cones will soften.  It helped finish the drying time since I needed to get busy putting these together.

Now all that’s left is to fill the cones and place on the dessert table.  I have mine opened for everyone to grab some chocolates to go with the rest of the goodies. If you want to make these as an individual gift just cover with clear wrap or bags and tie with a ribbon. I did one of these for my son and daughter-in-law to take home with them because they are special and I like to spoil them (as it should be)!  Happy Thanksgiving!