Mother’s Day Edible Flower Basket


Mother’s Day was coming up and I had my brain working to create something special for my Mama.  She loves her garden and flowers so bringing her cut flowers or even a potted plant is like bringing a baker a large bag of flour.  Although you can never have enough, it’s not really a special gift.  So, I like to combine what she likes to what I like to do…bake!  I wanted to make a edible flower basket.

I started with the “flowers”.  I have these candy molds you can put in an Oreo Cookie or any other kind of cookie that fits that shape.  They have these in a ton of different shapes.  I have one that is a daisy and one that is a sunflower.

I started by making the center of the flowers first.  I melted some chocolate candy melts in a ziplock bag for 1 minute, kneaded the bag and microwaved for another 30 seconds.  I kneaded more till there were no solid pieces.  Then I cut a small tip off one corner of the bag and added just a little milk chocolate to each center of the sunflower mold and tap on the counter to fill in all the grooves and remove any air bubbles.  I did the same with yellow melting chocolate for the daisy candy mold.  My friend, Shelby, gave me one of these molds of a fleur de lis since I used to live in New Orleans.  I thought I would make a few of those and use the Oreo cookie for them.  I used my yellow chocolate for that design. Those went in the freezer for a bit while I prepared more yellow, white and black chocolate in more ziplock bags.

For my fleur de lis mold I filled it about 1/3 the way with my black chocolate, added the cookie then fill to cover.  I taped the mold on the counter to make sure the chocolate got into all the groves and to remove the air bubbles. I wanted to do something different for the flowers.  These are going to be filled with chocolate covered almonds and Raisinets, I added some yellow (for the sunflowers) and white (for the daisies) just to cover the flower petal sections and put back in the freezer for a few minutes. I wanted to make sure that part was set before adding everything else.  You can just fill in the chocolate and add your cookies or whatever but sometimes that pokes through.  By making that chocolate layer first and let set it’ll prevent anything you add to it from going through.

Once my candy mold sat in the freezer for a few minutes I was ready to add the goodies.  I put in more melted chocolate into the molds.  Depending what you are going to add, or how much, be sure not to fill the molds to the top.  You need to allow room to add your stuff so it doesn’t overflow when inserting.  I used chocolate covered raisins for the daisies and chocolate covered almonds for the sunflowers.  I added my melting chocolate then carefully pushed in the raisins and almonds.

Once I had those in there I added more chocolate to the top and popped those in the freezer to set.  After about 15 minutes I popped them out and let dry on some wax paper. They come out so nice and shiny.

The ones I did with the fleur de lis came out really nice, too!

And I made a few in little goodies bags as little Happies since they aren’t really part of my Mother’s Day gift.  I just wanted to make those using the Oreo.  Shelby will, of course, get some since she was so sweet to get the mold for me.  My husband was thrilled.

The cake is pretty simple.  You can use any combination of cake and frosting.  I wanted to use a chocolate-y frosting so the brown color matched the color of the Pirouline’s.  I decided to make a German Chocolate cake since the coconut in the frosting has that rough look to look great when I add my chocolate flowers.

So I have my chocolate cake baked in two 8″ rounds and cooled and my frosting made.  I put one of my rounds on a 10″ cardboard cake disk, put some frosting on top then added the second cake to the top of that. Then I frosted the entire cake with the rest of my frosting.

To make it easier to carry to my Mama’s house I have a clear, round platter I wanted to use.  I put my cake in the platter.  I took my Piroulines and pushed them into the frosting around the cake keeping them as close together as I could till they covered the cake completely.

I have some great yellow ribbon with white polka dots I’ll also use for my gift basket.  I tied it around the cake to help keep the wafer straws in place and look cute.

Now the flowers.  I placed them on top of the cake within the “basket” of wafer straws. To fill around the bottom of the cake I took a bag of Archer Farms Chocolate Caramel Nut Meldly nuts and tossed some of them with a little bit of coco powder and some with a little bit of powdered sugar.  Then I took all those and tossed them all together in another bowl to get the powder transferred to each other.

It gave them a less shiny, rock-type look. This bag of mixed nuts have both milk and dark chocolate and different shapes depending on the nut or raisin.  You can buy chocolate rocks or even make them but this is a quick and easy way to make some rocks to toss around the “basket”!  They come out really great and so easy to do.

Now I just needed to finish putting everything together.

So, at the point the cake is finished but I wanted to add a little color to it.  I thought adding some green leaves would make it look like real flowers.  I put a handful of green melting chocolate in a ziplock bag and microwaved for 1 minute, kneaded the bag and microwaved another 30 seconds.  Then kneaded the bag till there were no solid pieces. To make leaf shapes, I cut the corner of the bag inwards just a tiny bit.  This gives it a ruffle effect when you squeeze out.

I piped a bunch of leaves in different sizes and let set.  Then just stuck the leaves in different places around the flowers.  Easy enough to do or just leave off.  Both look great!

I like making my own cards so I made this since the theme is Sunflowers and Daisies.  I wanted to use yellow and grey colors since that looks so great together.  This is the basic card…I always add stickers to it.  And to make “MAMA” pop out more, I fill it in with triple thick glaze.  I usually put a couple of coats on letting each set overnight before I do the next coat.  It makes it a little raised and really shiny!

These are some stickers I found and put on the card.  I use a ladybug in most everything I make.  Goes back to when I was a little girl so I always sneak one in somewhere.  The daisy stickers had some ladybugs on them so this is going to be nice.  I’ll use some of the triple thick glaze and paint the lady bugs.

And the card is finished!

To go along with the cake and to keep with my sunflower and daisy theme, I got some Elizabeth Arden’s Sunflowers Body Lotion, Cream Cleanser and Spray and some Heathcote & Ivory Wild Daisy and Elderflower Shower Gel and Body Cream.  That all went into a basket with ribbon and this tag to match with the card.

I used some grey shear ribbon and more of my yellow ribbon with the white polka dots I used on my cake.  The basket is a flower planter but really cool looking.   It’s made of compressed wood stuff.  Hard to describe but looks great with all my other stuff and Mama can use the planter for her plants. I put my goodies in there and tied everything together and added a flower and the tag.

Now I’m all ready to have a wonderful time with my parents.  Happy Mother’s Day, MAMA!! I love you so much!!



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