Country Girl Cupcakes

I have a friend who is getting married soon and is having a “Country Luncheon” shower and I’m bringing the cupcakes.  The invitation is beautiful with the top half in red gingham and the bottom with an blue print and golden flowers.  I scanned this and used it for some of my designs.


I wanted to put some decorative sleeves around the cupcakes to keep with the design so I took my scanned picture and, using PowerPoint, cropped it to a shape I could work with. When I got my size right I added the Bride-to-be-soon-to-be-new-last-name and printed enough for all my cupcakes.


The finished cupcakes will sit inside the sleeves to add color and fun.  I used a medium card stock to print these out.  Then I cut the top part using design cut scissors to give these a more finished edge.  Just something fun to do!!


The inside of the invitation had a cute pair of cowboy (cowgirl) boots so I wanted that to be part of my cupcakes.  And to put something else on some of the cupcakes I wanted to make some cowgirl hats.  I made my trustworthy schematic for my designs.  I like making those so I can add or subtract things on my screen before doing them to the actual cupcakes.

I decided on white cake and white frosting since I’m going to have so much going on with the cupcakes.  I used a red and white cupcake wrapper.  These are nice because the silver insides keep the color of the wrapper.  Some wrappers get washed out when the cake bakes inside them, especially if you are using a darker cake like chocolate or red velvet.

Now to start on the chocolate decorations.  I have candy molds of cowboy boots and cowboy hats.

I took some blue melting chocolates and put them in a ziplock bag.  I microwaved for 1 minute, kneaded the bag then microwaved for another 30 seconds.  I kneaded the bag more to make sure there were no solid pieces.  Then just cut a small tip off one of the corners of the bag and piped my chocolate into the cowboy boot candy molds.  I tapped the candy mold on the counter several times to make sure the chocolate got into all the little grooves and to remove any bubbles.  Those went into the freezer for about 15-20 minutes then turned out onto some wax paper. I continued to do this till I got enough pairs of boots to go on my cupcakes.

To give a little dimension and design I took a clean, dry paint brush and used some silver edible dust to brush on the boots.  These were placed in a sealed plastic container till I was ready to place on top of the cupcakes.

During the freezer time for the boots I worked on the cowboy hats.  I used yellow melting chocolate with a few pieces of milk chocolate to get a tan color.  I melted this in the microwave the same way and piped into my cowboy hat molds, tapped on the counter top and into the freezer to set.

I continued to make as many hats as needed for my cupcakes.  After my hats were set and to add a little design, I piped a thin line of white melted chocolate around the hat for a band and added little pearls.  It finished off the hat a little nicer than leaving it as it was.  There was a star in on the front of the hat so I used silver edible dust and highlighted that to show up a little better.  I also added some little candied stars I dusted with gold edible dust to the boots to look like spurs just for fun!

One other thing I wanted to add to the cupcakes was a little “rope”.  I took some mini Tootsie Rolls and broke in half.  Then I kneaded them to soften them up and make them easier to work with.  I rolled them in my hands to get a thin string.  Then I took 2 of the thin strings and  twisted them together to look like a rope and cut off the ends.  These will be wrapped around the top of the cupcake.

Now, putting my cupcakes together.  I baked them in my red and white wrappers and let completely cool.  Then I took the frosting and put in my piping bag with a #32 star tip and covered the top of my cupcakes.  I sprinkled some yellow and blue large sugar sprinkles and some pearls on the frosting and added the Tootsie Roll rope.  Then I took half of my cupcakes and added a hat and the other half got a pair of boots.  These were placed in the sleeves I made once I got to the luncheon and placed on my cupcake stand.

I have this great cupcake stand that is clear.  I printed some sheets of the invitation I scanned and rolled those up in the clear divider tubes.  Then used different sized paper doilies for the trays.

I wanted to bring something else that was sweet and fun.  I love making things out of Nutter Butter Cookies.  While this is a “country” theme and not a cowgirl theme I thought that a Nutter Butter Horse would still be cute.  Besides, I’ve lived in the country and horses are everywhere!

These went into a basket with a red gingham napkin and some wax paper.

And, of course, I couldn’t stop yet!!  I made a template to make little boxes once they are cut out.

I made some little candy cups and to put in a little bags and into my boxes.  I melted some red chocolate in the microwave for 1 minute, stirred and microwaved for another 30 seconds.  I stirred until there were no solid pieces.  Then I took some small pretzel sticks and broke them up and into my melted chocolate and stirred to make sure all the pretzels were coated.  Then into some red candy cups.  I melted some white chocolate the same way then added some raisins and pecan pieces.  I stirred all that together and into some more candy cups.  Before each of the candies set I sprinkled the red chocolate with little white pearls and the white chocolate with red sprinkles.

And one of each was put into a little bag and taped closed and put into my boxes.

All those were tied up with some red and white ribbons to give out to the guest as little favors!

I just had to make a corn casserole for the luncheon part of the shower and enjoy the day!