Wedding Invitations, Banner and stuff

Well, my son and his wonderful Bride have finally tied the knot!  It was a long time coming and we, of course, are the happiest (and proudest) of all people!  I think we all want to have all those special touches when planning a wedding but the dreaded budget is on everyone’s mind while planning.  This page may not be helpful to some people because it does require the use of PowerPoint or some other creative software.  But, you can also use WORD and printed card stock in place of creating your own stock.  Or use my template down the page.

This was a very small wedding with family and a few close friends but I still wanted to make it as nice as I could.  I needed to make some wedding invitations. Something to send out to people and to have in the scrapbook (reminds me, I need to make a scrapbook for the kids).   So, anyway, the colors were black and white Damask with red roses. To keep with those colors I started out by creating a back portion of my invitation.  If you don’t want to create your own design you can buy these printed already and save this step.  The invitation had 3 parts; the bottom card, the ribbon and the top card.

I started with a new slide and did a plain black rectangle.  Then, using the “Insert>Clip Art” I searched for “Scroll”.  Closer to the bottom there were all these great swirly designs.  I picked out the ones I wanted to use, resized and flipped and placed them in the design I wanted.

When I got the design right I copied all and pasted on a new slide as a photo.  This way everything was all together and I could do some corrections with sharpness and size.  I wanted to make sure this, when cut out, fit a A7 envelope.  I was able to put 2 of these on one slide.  I did several practice printings and inserted them into my envelopes to make sure they would fit.

I wasn’t sure how I wanted these to come out so I tried different types my card stock.  I used a regular heavy card and it was not that impressive.  I printed some on photo paper so they would be shiny.  That looked OK.  Then I found some white linen card stock and printed on that.  I liked that look a lot better so I finished printing the rest of my cards.  And then cut them out. I took a 1 inch wired ribbon and cut to fit when wrapped around the card using tape to seal the edges.  Don’t worry about the tape showing because it will be covered by the top card.

Once I had all my cards cut out and wrapped with the ribbon I made another set of cards with the information of the Bride and Groom and location.  This is a dummy card printed on the shiny paper just for posting on this page.  I didn’t want to use all my good linen paper.   Be sure to measure it against your bottom card so when you print and cut they will fit.

Once I had that sized I was able to get 4 per slide and printed and cut them out.  I used double sided form tape to stick the top card to the bottom card with the ribbon.  It gives it a nice, slight, raised effect.  The form tape also helped secure the ribbon.  Of course it looks better than the pictures because of the gloss of the paper and the 2-D of the two cards. The linen cards look a lot richer.  This is just stuff made up for now since I didn’t want all the real information on the site.

And, I added an RSVP card since there’s so many ways to do it now.  I didn’t want it on the front of the invitation.  I made it just a little smaller than the invitation.

I ordered some A7 envelopes with the sliver foil inside.  I used silver throughout the wedding so I wanted to have that little touch with the invitation.  And, since my handwriting looks like something a high school girl would do, I ran my envelopes through the printer and used a nice Monotype Corsiva font!

And since I only had a small number of envelopes to mail out I just HAD to do this…make my own labels!  There is a site that has so much to choose from.  I was getting ready to order some heart-shaped stickers with the kids name to put on the back of the envelope.  They came out cute and matched my invitations.

Then I saw on that site you could order matching postage stamps…nice! You can get regular postage (up to 1 oz) or for mailings of 2 oz or 3 oz.  Since I had so much to put in my envelope and having the sliver lining in the envelope I went with the 3 oz. I could have gone with the lesser amount of postage but didn’t want to take any chances. Plus I had a few to go to Germany so I just had to add one regular stamp for those. Just a little extra touch and wasn’t expensive, either!

Another thing I wanted to do was a banner with the kids names on it to stretch across the back wall.  I wanted to keep with the colors and roses.  I found a nice print on Google, did a screenshot and put it on a slide.  Then I used Format>Crop>Crop to Shape and picked out a triangle and stretched it out to fill a slide.  Then I used a Textbox and typed in my first letter.  I changed the font and size till I got what I like.  I did another search and found a rose I liked. When I made each slide with the next letter I moved the little rose around to different places on the pages so it wouldn’t always be in the same place.  I enlarged rose and place it by itself as “spaces” so everything didn’t run together.

These were each printed on heavy card stock and cut out.  I took a hole punch and punched 2 holes, kinda overlapping a little, into each top corner of the triangle.  This gave me a larger hole to tie everything together.  I found these rolls of tulle at the Dollar Store that were about 5 or 6 inches wide and something like 25 yards long.  I threaded the tulle through the holes and made a long banner.  I forgot to take a picture after it was put up but found one on the wedding site.  Not that clear but you can see how it ended up.

So, since what I do is never enough I wanted to keep going with these templates.  I wanted to make something for our guests to take home and to say Thank You for coming.  I used the same printed background as I did for the banner but cropped it into a rectangle shape. I wanted to make these 2-sided, front and back.  So, on the front side I put the kids name and a little quote from John Keats.  While I have roses for most of my theme I also have red hearts. And I added a little note of thanks to the back.

I found these large, 5 inch, red-foiled wrapped chocolate hearts.  I took some sticky dots and put about 6 or 7 dots on the back of the chocolate hearts and stuck them to the front of the card.  I had some little bows I used to dress up my bottle of bubbles so I stuck one on each of the hearts.  These all went into a basket and was put on the entrance table for our guest to take with them on their way back out.

Now, since I’m going to be making a lot of goodies I wanted to make some goodie bags so people can fill up their bags to take home some treats.  I found some plain white bags with handles.  Again, taking the same theme and templates I changed it up a little, resized to fit on front of the bag, and added something to let people know these were treat bags.

Then I used some more sticky dots to stick those onto the bags.  These went into another basket with some black damask printed clear plastic bags so people could put their cookies and things into the plastic bag and then all that into the white goodie bags.

And since I was, also, having cupcakes, I found some really cute boxes with a clear peep-hole on the top to make it easier to take the cupcakes home.  I made some little stickers keeping with the same theme and added them to the front of the boxes.  These went on the same table as the goodie bags.

And, the last thing I did with this design was to make a Mr. and Mrs. sign for the back of the Bride and Groom’s chairs.  These were a full 8.5 x 11 shiny card stock.  I just had to add some little stick-on scrolls with rhinestones and some silk roses.  I took another white heavy card stock and cut 2 vertical 2-inch slits about 4 inches apart in the upper middle of the paper.  Then I took some of my 6-inch wide tulle and threaded about a foot of that through the slits.  I took more sticky dots and stuck the printed signs to those.  This made the sign a little thicker plus gave me that tulle tie on the back to tie onto the back of my chair covers.  You can punch holes in the upper corner and hang them from a chair but this was going to work better for me since I have chair covers with tie-backs.  I just tied them to the tie-back bows.

When everything was put around the room it really tied everything together without being too over-kill with my theme.

And this was something fun to do, too.  My husband and I took the kids out to eat lunch before the wedding.  We went to Outback Steakhouse so I wanted to have something else for them to remember when they look through their scrapbook.  For $4.95 you can add a picture to a gift card.  I had a $50 credit from some previous purchases so I put the kids picture on the card and titled it Our Wedding Day.  You even got a card with it you could personalize it.  This make s nice gift, too!  Just something fun!