Making Your Own Bottle Labels

My son’s fiance’ was planning to fly in from England for his birthday this year but things changed and she wasn’t going to be able to make it.  Before her plans got canceled we decided we were going to do this crazy pirate themed birthday for him.  So, I decided to keep going with it and see what I could do to make it fun but age appropriate for a 27 year old.  So my brain went into gear and here’s something to add to his gifts. 

Brandon likes Jack Daniels and Captain Morgan’s Spiced Rum…so that was a good starting place…the rest follows…

I took a bottle of Jack Daniels and a bottle Captain Morgan’s Spiced Rum and made labels using Powerpoint.  I had a good many pictures of both Sara and Brandon to choose from so I picked out what was best.  I did this using the same instructions I did with making the labels.  I did a Google search for the background (Google>Storms at sea).  The picture I had of my son was cut off at the top so I needed to add a hat (Google>Pirate Hat).  I wanted some Skull and crossbones so I Googled that.  I added a back ground with texture (ppt.>Shape Fill>Texture) and use the “Chiller” font for the words.  Once I had my label just the way I wanted it I printed to make sure I had the right size.  Be sure to soak the original label off the bottles to keep it from showing through then glue on your design…I used a regular glue stick.  I added some chains and black gauze (from the Dollar Tree) with hot glue. I did the same process for the other bottle and hot glued some little silk roses for her bottel and a skull and cross bone charm for his and…well, there you go!!  I did the same technique of cutting rough edges when I cut out the labels and added black eye shadow to the rough edges to give the bottles an old, worn out look!!  That’s my son and his beautiful fiancé, Sara…AARRR!!

These are really fun to do.  Again, if you don’t have a software program like Powerpoint or Photoshop just find your pictures, card stock, stickers and use a glue stick or Mod Podge to get this same effect.

Here’s how they look when you are ready to print!!

Someone asked me if these were just for Rum and Whiskey…NO, of course not!!  It’s for whatever you want to make…so I made some other samples!!

Here’s one with a little Hawaiian Theme – my sweet friend, Danielle!!

My Hubby, A.J., got the honor of this one for Tequila since he’s such a hottie!!

And if you want to make a gift bottle for someone who has dogs…another sweet friend of mine, Heather, and her spoiled baby, Belle!!

This is my beautiful grand daughter, Courtney!!  She’s not old enough to drink but this picture looked fantastic to put on a label for a wine bottle!!

Here’s another picture of my Hubby in his biker gear!  This one could be resized smaller and put on bottles of beer and put in a six-pack carrier as a fun gift for those beer drinkers!!  Take a do-rag or bandana and tie through the handle as the ribbon!!

And, for all those crazy cat people like me…and, yes,that’s me acting a fool!!  

These are some I just threw together working around 3 cats wanting to sit on my laptop but you get the drift.  The sky is the limit!!  The main thing is just to have fun with it.  Start with the person’s personality, then their drink of choice and start Googling!!


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