Making Stickers

I love making my own cards (birthday, anniversary, etc.) to go with my gifts.  It’s more personal and means so much more to people.  I transposed my parents faces on a picture of a ceramic bunny couple for this Easter card.  To give my cards depth I like to add touches of ribbons, raffia, flowers and stickers.  There are so many great stickers out there these days.  I go to Michael’s since they are close by and have a great variety.

Sometimes I just can’t find what I need to make my card “pop”, so I decided to start making my own stickers.  I found a gloss glaze at Michael’s.  Just a few dollars or so for a 2oz. bottle but I have made a lot of stickers so far and still have almost half a bottle left.  The brand I got was Americana Triple Thick Brilliant Brush-On Gloss Glaze.  I picked up a pack of little paint brushes for a couple of dollars to apply the glaze.  You can use the brush from an old bottle of nail polish just make sure the brush is completely clean of any polish.

When you have made the design of your greeting card and printed on your half-fold card stock, print another copy of your card on regular card stock.

Cut out the pictures from your card stock you want to make into a stickers.   To keep my pictures from accidentally sticking to my surface I put glue dots (those sticky dots used for scraping) on the back of the pictures I cut out, break the tip from some toothpicks and stick to the dots and into styrofoam to keep them raised. You can use little blocks or anything that is smaller than your picture.  Squeeze a dot of glaze in the middle of your picture and carefully take your brush and spread the glaze evenly towards the edges and let dry.  I usually repeat the process 3 – 4 times to make the gloss really thick but twice is good.  The glaze is a little milky looking but will dry clear so don’t panic if you see your sticker looks like that.  Drying time will depend on the amount of glaze you used, the temperature of your house, humidity so make sure you can leave these sitting in an area that won’t be in the way.  Since I stick mine on a styrofoam circle I just leave it on the kitchen counter and move around when I need to.

Once your stickers are ready put a few more of the glue dots on the back, especially in the middle and the corners.  Then apply them to your card over the same picture you created the stickers.   Your card will have that little extra!

You can also paint the glaze right onto the card without cutting out the pictures if you don’t want to make stickers.  Or make a sticker from any printout to add around the card.

The inside of my Easter card had a basket full of eggs with our family pictures in each egg.  I glazed each egg and overlaid them to the corresponding picture on the card.  I was able to create this using PowerPoint but you can do the same by printing and cut/paste to your card of you want.  I found some other Easter stickers at Michael’s to add to the card.