How to Make Your Own Greeting Card

This is something I started doing a while back.  I never could find a card I really liked that said what I really wanted to say.  Over time I’ve added more design and foo-foo but it’s still just starting out with the basics!!

If your are comfortable using something like PowerPoint, Photoshop or even MS WORD then this is pretty easy to do.  If you don’t have the ability to use any of those then just print and cut and paste to your card.  You can have pictures printed to card stock at most places these days.  OfficeMax, Office Depot and even Target and Wal-Mart all have printing.  Just take your photo to one of these places and have them print onto card stock.  It’s usually about $0.40 – $0.75 per page so if you have several pictures make sure they put as many on one sheet as they can.  And while you are there pick up a pack of half-fold blank greeting cards.  There are usually about 20 blank cards and envelopes in the pack.  I have found them on the web for 25 cards for $5.95.  Some stores will have them on the shelf for about $7.00-$14.00.

When creating your card you need to remember that one side is your front and back and the other side will be the inside of the card.  These pictures show an sample of this.




Once you make your designs you are ready to print.  Before I print on my blank cards I like to print on regular white copy paper first and do a test.  I’ll print using that paper, take it out, flip upside down and facing the other way, insert it back in the paper tray then print the second page.  This lets me see how it’s going to come out on my blank card without wasting them and make any adjustments if necessary.  If your printer has a 2-sided print option try that with regular paper first to see if it comes out correct.  Every printer is different so you’ll want to test this a few times till you have it right with plain paper.  You want to make sure when you fold your card the inside and outside are correct and centered.

I like getting fun stickers at the store or make my own stickers to add to my card.  Just remember, if you have found your stickers make sure you allow room on your card to apply.  Sometimes I have to adjust the greeting lower or with a smaller font if I have a big sticker to put at the top of the card.  Since I tend to overdo everything, most of my cards don’t fit in the envelopes but that’s OK!!  Have fun with it!!

Here are a few cards I’ve made lately!

As you can see it’s up to you to decide how much or little you want to add to your card.  You can make the card fairly simple with a picture or two and some clever words then jazz it up with the stickers or ribbons.  It’s all about what you want to say!!

I did a Mommy-to-be card for a friend a few years ago.  She sent me 4 ultrasound pictures of the baby!!  We were sending some gift cards to an ice cream shop in her area to help with the carvings.  I took that thought and added little bubble sayings to the ultrasound pictures.  This was just the inside of the card but it’s another cute thought if you are invited to a baby shower or if they live far away and want to send a card to let them know you are thinking of ’em!!