Gift tags and stuff!!

I really like adding little personal touches to things to make them fun.  Most people hate to bite into my cookies or open my gift because they look too good.  Of course, that moment doesn’t last long and the cookies are gone and the gift is enjoyed!!

These gift tags were made using PowerPoint.  You can also use Photoshop or any other design software, even MS WORD.  If you are asking yourself what’s PowerPoint and Photoshop then chances are you don’t have it!  Once upon a time when I first got into “special touches” the only people who had the ability to use this kind of software probably had the word NASA somewhere on their business card.  PowerPoint is part of Microsoft Office so some of you may have it but never knew what to do with it.  You’d be surprised how fun it can be to use…just play around with it!!  For those of you who know they don’t have it or anything like it I have one thing to say to you…Mod Podge!!  You won’t have the ease and control as you would with PowerPoint but it’s still fine. You just have to do a lot of cutting and pasting but you still get a fun end result!!  And that becomes this!!

Then you can move on to the next stage if you wish…

And I made a few others…

Now, what else can I do???

And the end result!!  I took some rope and raffia and tied the package to keep with the Pirate theme!!   I did another tag but used sticky dots and put it on a plain red gift bag.  And that last tag looked good on a bunch of doggie treats for my grand-dog!!  Champ always gets some goodies when the rest of us do too!!











And for all of you who have football fanatics…which I do…adding tags to gift bags of their favorite team makes the gift fun!  I found a ton of pictures on Google>LSU>Images.  I just used Snipit (or you can do a screen shot and crop what you don’t need or just print the page and cut out what you want).  A bunch of glue dots on the back and some great yellow bags from a sale that was going on at Target and these came out so nice.

I made the hanging tags the same way but printed a colored square on the other side of my page from the image, added my greeting and printed on both side. This will actually yield 2 of the same tags.  Now I have to keep my husband from getting into the bags before our anniversary!