Gift Card Birthday Card

My son’s birthday was coming up and I was picking up birthday presents to give to him.  I like having gifts to unwrap, just seems natural.  But, my son is turning 29 so finding great gifts aren’t as easy as it was when he was young and you just had to get the latest super hero action figure and all the accessories to it.  But, at any age, a gift card is still a great gift.  So I got a bunch of other things for him to unwrap but needed to do something with this gift card. The normal thing is to stick it in a card, but can I really just do that?  No, I can’t!  Like with my baking I needed to do something fun!

The great thing with things like Facebook is you get to see pictures of your kids you might never know was out there.  Bless him for having so many friends and going out and doing things that get posted.  I was able to find a couple of pictures that would work for what I wanted to do.

I use PowerPoint to make these cards but you can use WORD or Photoshop.  Or if you don’t have access to things like that, just use good old card stock and cut out your pictures.  I started with a blank slide.  When doing these remember that the front and back of the card is one slide and the inside of the card is the other slide.  Going with the running joke of Dos Equis beer I took a picture of my son holding up a beer from our company picnic and added the Dos Equis XX logo to the cup.  Then added a little background and those famous words.  I put that the card was made by me and just a clipart of a birthday cake what will be the back of the card when folded.  This is the front and back of the card.

What made this work is the picture inside the card.  I saw this posted by a friend in Facebook.  He’s holding some sushi.  I knew that was the picture I needed to have him holding the gift card. I did several test prints to make sure everything was in the best place after the card was folded before I printed on my good paper.  This is the inside of the card.

I used Avery 3378 Textured Half-Fold Greeting Card paper.  I like the textured look but sometimes the colors don’t print through and end up with little white dots.  I don’t usually have that issue but did this time.  But it still looks fine.  All printers are different so you may have to practice to make sure how yours does.  With mine I put in my card stock and printed the front/back slide.  Then taking it out and putting it back into the paper tray straight down as it came out of the printer, I printed the second slide (inside of card). Using my trusty X-Acto knife I cut out the finger area where the gift card would fit.  Before I did this on my printed card I used one of my practice printouts to see where I wanted to make the cut.

Then I slipped in the card and put a little piece of tape on the back to keep it in place.

I put a tiny sticky-dot right under his fingertips to hold them down onto the gift card.  And this was done!  And, of course, it made a big hit, which is what this is all about!