Christmas Gift Tags

I like making my own tags so I decided to make my own gift tags for Christmas.  With a grown child now living in his own place we have turned into these strange cat people.  Of course, every Christmas the cats have to each give my husband a Christmas present.  He doesn’t mind this since he ends up with a lot of presents.  This year instead of putting their names on the tags I wanted to put their picture.

I made these with PowerPoint.  If you don’t have or know how to use PowerPoint or Photoshop then you can do the same with printing, cutting and pasting.  You can even take a simple gift tag and cut out the center and add your picture like a frame.  That’s the fun part about all this!!

When you get your tags created, line them up on one side of your slide.  I like to have the same color on the back as I do for the front.  Not necessary but just something I do.  I add a rectangle matching the color on the opposite side of my tag.  Print on card stock, flip over, insert your printout back into the paper tray then print again.  Each printer is different so it’s best to test on plain paper to keep from wasting the card stock.  When this comes out you will actually have 2 complete sets of tags.  Now I just have to find the perfect wrapping paper and ribbons to match my tags.  I guess finding the perfect gifts would help, too!!  Merry Christmas!!