Hey Ya’ll – Welcome to my site!!

Just wanted to thank you for looking at some of the things I have been doing over the years!  I decided to do this site after hearing from people all the time asking “How did you do that?” and “Why don’t you open your own store?” (an abundance of money usually came to mind).  I truly love to bake and create.  It’s my drug of choice.  I wake up at 3:00 in the morning with an idea for something.  Good thing I have a recorder app on my phone…I just push the button, tell myself what I was thinking about and go back to sleep.

Like most people, I like to make things that are just a little nicer (or tastier) but don’t have tons of money to spend.  I will spend a little extra on some things (more melting chocolates to make my design better) but will find a 1000 other ways to cut a corner (Bless you Dollar Tree and Goodwill Stores).  I also don’t have a lot of room in my Krazy Kitchen.  Most things I do take up little space to create.  And no fancy or expensive gadgets, usually just a few bowls, a couple of spoons and forks and lots of Ziplock bags!!

So, enjoy…I know I did when I was making everything.  I’ll add to this site from time to time as I continue my quest (whatever that may be).

Hugs and Kisses!!  Monica Kessler

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